Inprozone- Company Profile

Name of Company: Inprozone Software Ltd.
Year Established: 07-01-2004
Type of Business: Private Company
Business Function: Domain and Hosting, Website Design, Software Development, Digital Marketing Company

Founders & CEO: Shah Sultan Rony
Corporate Office Address:

House 538, Ward 4, Road 1/1, Banglahili-5270, Hakimpur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Members of:

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Total Employees: 42 (Fourty Two)
Departments: Software Development Team, Business Development Team, Website Development Team, Digital Marketing Team, Management

Web Address:
Company Email: Information Desk: [email protected]
Sales Desk: [email protected]
Skype Address: inprozone
Company Phone: (+880) 1912666602
Company Hotline: Information: (+880) 1912666602
Areas of Expertise: Domain and Hosting, Website development, Software development, Advertisements, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Graphics design etc
Market Coverage: International
Logo: logo.png (220×55)
Motto: Deliver Services
Vision: To empower dynamic organisations to embrace change simply, quickly and cost-effectively, through our innovative products and services.
Mission:To deliver and support adaptable business software and provide value-adding services in our markets that help organisations to manage their dynamic business needs effectively.



Inprozone Software Ltd is a software development company that offers software development services on diverse technology platforms.



With varied experience of 16 years in software development & services, we offer utmost qualitative & cost-effective business solutions.


Our projects

We specializes in solving business challenges using thought process & IT & so far we have successfully completed 2000+ projects.


We Value our Clients

We value our clients and thus work in a flexible environment for software development process which can be easily adjusted..


We Believe in Quality

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide with quality work and consider "every effort counts".


We Value our People

People are the most important asset in Information Technology industry. We believe that a happy employee equals a happy client.